So, what does a Parish Councillor do?

  • Acts as the listening ear of the community and then their voice. 
  • Attends parish council meetings, typically monthly.
  • Works with other parish councillors, local people and CWAC to consult, explore, discuss and resolve issues in the parish.
  • Sets the precept, a local tax, paid by the community as part of the Council Tax.
  • Agrees an annual budget to maintain facilities, host village-wide events and for the benefit of all residents. 
  • Sits on “Working Groups” with other residents to address specific tasks or issues that affect the community.
  • Reviews and applies for finance available for the benefit of the community. 
  • Encourages communication with the community to ensure that decisions are made via a clear process of consultation.

The Parish Council’s work and decisions are guided by the Local Government Act and the Council’s tanding orders (rules) and are independently audited annually. All decisions are made by the whole council, almost always in a public meeting setting, with the Parish Clerk providing guidance and advice to the Chairperson and councillors on correct procedure.

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