Neighborhood Plan


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Barrow Parish Council intends to produce a NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN.


A Neighbourhood Plan is a document which will become part of Chester’s Local Plan. It gives our community a voice and the opportunity to help shape development in our area.


We think that it is time to find out what the villagers of Barrow want in 2023, and to make sure that what you want is given proper consideration at planning level in Cheshire West and Cheshire. 


There are lots of formal procedures that must be followed to produce the Plan.

First, we need to let everyone in the village know what we are doing. We want you to be involved because this is YOUR opportunity to decide on the future of the village. As the Parish Council, steering the process, we will only include things that you suggest are important.

In due course we will send out a questionnaire to collect formal responses to the most important considerations affecting how the village may develop in the future. However, to make the questionnaire as relevant as possible to the whole community before that, we want to hear from YOU – so we can find out what those considerations are. We therefore invite you to let us know what is most important to you by contacting us:

  1. You can write to or deliver a letter to the Parish Council addressing it to :

Neighbourhood Plan c/o Heathfield House, Hollowmoor Heath, Great Barrow CH3 7LF

Letters can also be left at the address of any Parish Councillor, or in the post box at the entrance to the playing field.

  1. You can send an e mail to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group here:


Neighbourhood Plans cover the things you like or indeed dislike in the community and help to shape a vision for the future. They usually include policies relating to:

  • Leisure and Amenities
  • Heritage & Landscape
  • Housing needs and design
  • Public Transport, Roads and Traffic
  • Environmental, Green Space & Sustainability considerations

As an example, this is a recent plan made by our neighbours in Utkinton:

The list is only for guidance. Every village has its own characteristics. Please write to us about anything at all that you think should be considered. In addition, there may be things that specifically relate to the area of the village you live in. Barrow is quite spread out, so let us know if there is something that affects you in your area, even if it may not apply to the rest of the village.

If you have a business in or work in the village, we want to hear your views too, even if you don’t live here.  

If you would prefer to have future correspondence sent to you by e-mail, please let us have your e mail address, or an e-mail address for your business if you want your business to receive a separate questionnaire. 


If you are a landowner and have land that you wish to be considered for environmental improvements or development, either for housing, or for business units, as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process, then please write to us, as above.

If Barrow decides that it would like more development, then we want to let people know what land may be available, so that informed choices can be made following consultation. 

In any planning application in which planners look at the wishes of villagers expressed through a Neighbourhood Plan, more weight will be given where the location of any proposed development has already been identified in consultation with local people.

As the process continues, a formal questionnaire will go out to the public, and any land which has been indicated as being available for environmental improvement or development will be put forward for comments. 

In the next couple of months, we will arrange some public meetings where you will have the opportunity to hear more about the Neighbourhood Plan, ask us questions and discuss issues, as well as letting us know your views.

Thank you for taking the time to get involved in this process. It is your village and YOUR views that matter.