Barrowmore is a registered charity established in 1920 by the Joint Committee of the British Red Cross and the Order of St.John as a sanatorium to treat soldiers returning from the First World War with Tuberculosis. The colony of Barrowmore Village Settlement was established in the then Barrowmore Hall, purchased from the Lyle Smyth family in 1920 and later bombed and destroyed in 1940.

Rebuilt as a hospital it was taken over by the NHS from 1948 and continued to operate until its closure in 1982. A workshop providing sheltered employment was added in the 1930s together with a residential estate for employees of the Settlement and a hostel for single men was built in 1954. Following closure of the NHS hospital, the building was converted into a Nursing Home, which opened in 1993 and which is now Barrowmore House, supported accommodation for vulnerable people.

Barrowmore is set within 85 acres of parklands and offers Parkland Walks for the residents the local community and surrounding areas to appreciate and enjoy. Amongst things you will enjoy are the English Bluebells, wildlife and the natural habitat. There are numerous paths for you to choose a new route through the woodlands for a short brisk walk or for an alternative work out.

“Using the Barrowmore Parklands and by walking regularly will make you feel good, is good for your health and is good for your sense of well-being!”

Barrowmore’s commitment to accommodation for vulnerable people is centred on Barrowmore House, home to a maximum of forty two vulnerable people but with the capacity to offer short term welfare breaks, respite etc in a separate self contained unit within the home. Further the Charity also provides interim move-on accommodation in the form of 20 bungalows and flats for those residents who are able to manage a more independent lifestyle whilst taking advantage of the on-site information, advice and guidance if required. In addition Barrowmore has a number of private residencies, which on availability are offered to people with disabilities.

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