Care for Barrow

Care for Barrow is a community group for all that live in and around Great Barrow. Born out of a desire to help each other through the COVID pandemic it now exists as a space for villagers to connect, share announcements, news and events, ask questions and offer help to each other, and of course, to give away anything you may no longer need that someone else in the village might like!

People in Barrow play together, laugh together, volunteer together – and we look out for every member of the community. We have a whole army of people happy to help out anyone in need, be it with a warm home in a power cut, help with sandbags in a flood, finding a trusted, reliable tradesperson or borrowing anything from a cake tin to a wallpaper steamer. The people of Barrow have got your back.

We have a Facebook page you can join below and a very lively what’s app group you can join, just ask a neighbour to add you to the group.