Well, here we are again and just about to come out of lock down into the festive period. It’s been a tough few weeks for many of us with lots of small businesses losing their livelihoods and families losing their loved ones; so I would like to take a moment to tell you all how grateful we have been for your ongoing support and your kind words in these very difficult time when we know that some of you are also going through tough times too. It looks like there could be light at the end of the tunnel now with positive news on vaccines so let us hope that they will be found to be safe and rolled out as soon as possible.

 We know that Christmas is going to be strange for many of us this year, us included. We normally have at least 15 at our family table and that’s after we’ve seen all of you guys. It really is going to feel ever so quiet this year.

We will reopen the pub on Wednesday 2nd December into tier two restrictions. That means that you can only visit the pub if you are eating with us. The shop and take away will operate as normal.

We will be running 2 menu’s at the pub:

  1. Our Christmas Fayre menu served in the restaurant area– A wonderful menu of new dishes for your enjoyment with some lovely new wines and cocktails to accompany them.
  2. Our firepit/take away and bar menu – Whether you take out, eat in our bar or sit outside, our food will be served in take away boxes at take away prices.

Our Christmas Fayre menu can be found on our web site at www.whitehorsebarrow.co.uk and also greatbarrow.com, Facebook, twitter and  Instagram as well as inside the pub and on our outside notice board.

Now this is the important bit: If you would like to eat with us in December, and we really really hope that you will; we are working on a strictly bookings only and it must be at least 48 hours in advance. The reason for this is simple; We need to plan!!! We need to know how many staff are needed and we need to know how much food to order. If we don’t have any bookings the restaurant will not be open. We as a business need to manage our overheads ridiculously carefully and I cannot employ staff to stand here in the hope that we will get some customers walk through the door. It will be an enormous help to us if you could have a think about when you would like to visit and book a table with us as soon as possible. You can only book a table for your own household plus your support bubble if you have one, however if you would like to see friends you can always book your tables at the same time to ensure that you are on the next table. It’s a compromise but it keeps you safe whilst still being able to have that all important contact with the important people in our lives.

As far as Christmas Day and New Years Eve goes, the last day for booking  will be Thursday 17th December.


 The shop has already started taking Christmas orders for meat, Veg, cheese and eggs from our local suppliers so if you would like to make an order for really great quality local produce whilst supporting not one but 5 small businesses we have attached an order form for your convenience. We are asking that you have it back to us asap, especially for turkeys, but  1 week before Christmas eve at the latest please. We can have it ready for collection as late as Christmas eve or on a day of your choosing.

There are some lovely gift ideas at the shop too so please take a look next time you’re in.

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