Subject: Update on the Community Shop

The following message has been published by the Barrow Community Shop Committee

10th March 2019

Dear Shareholder,

We are delighted to send you this very positive update on the Community Shop. After what seems like months of slow progress things are finally moving quite quickly.

We now have full planning permission for the shop and work has already started to remove a few trees that were causing problems at the back of the pavilion.

We also now have full agreement on the Leader Grant which is the major grant we applied for. This covers the majority of the costs for the build and was required before other grant applications could be considered. The Parish Council have been extremely helpful and have given their full support for the grant application, which was one of the criteria’s for receiving the grant.

We are now confirming details for the remaining grants and expect decisions on these very soon.

However, the Leader Grant means we able to move things forward and start the work. The final building design and layout is now being done and we hope to place the order for the building very soon. The Post Office have confirmed they are keen to be present in the shop, so we are working with them on their requirements as part of the design.

We would like to confirm to you that all this work is being done and financed without touching any of the Shareholders’ funds, as this money is for the stock and running costs when we start.

As work has now started on site clearance for the new Shop and Post Office we would like to start to  confirm the availability of our all important  Shop volunteers. A good number of villagers indicated 12 months ago their commitment to work at the Shop but it’s possible that your circumstances have changed in the meantime, and we would love to have more volunteers to lighten the load.

The Shop and PO will be open daily Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings, with the final hours yet to be confirmed.  All Volunteers will be given training and those wanting to work in the Post Office will be given specialist 2 day training by the Post Office. The Shop will need two volunteers to be on duty at any time.

Please let us know as soon as possible by email to if you are still able to be a volunteer or wish to become one. It would be really helpful if you could let us know your preferences for shop duty times and whether you want to be considered for Post Office duties.

If you are unsure and wish to discuss the idea, please contact any of the committee or email us your questions.

Our shareholders and the Parish Council are wholeheartedly behind the Shop and PO. We hope you’re able to give some of you valuable time and skills to make the Shop a real success. Thank you.

Finally, some residents have asked about the Shares and if it is too late to still buy some. We are open to ideas on this, if any of you would like to buy more shares, or know someone who now wishes to buy some, please let us know.

Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our first AGM which we hope to hold sometime in June.


Steve Smith


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