Barrow in Paintings, Drawings and Photographs

An Exhibition to display artwork of Barrow and the surrounding countryside is planned for Sunday 17 October 2021 in the Village Hall.

As well as featuring artwork and photographs of Barrow from the Archive, we would also like to offer an opportunity for residents and local artists and photographers to display more current images of the village.

If you have any paintings or artwork of Barrow, either from the past or more recently which you would be prepared to lend for display in, please let us know. The Exhibition will have three sections:

21st century.
Children’s artwork

To find out more please contact a member of the Committee:

Ann Cavenett (740242), Julia Frew (741661), Sue Higginbotham (740592), Helen Hockley (01244 300584), Anne Law (01244 300546), Julia Tillotson (741994) or Chris Youngs (740741) or email:

Please note:
The date and format of the Exhibition may be subject to change due to evolving Covid restrictions and guidelines.
Depending on the number of exhibits received it may be necessary to restrict how many can be shown- more information about this and how the artworks will be displayed will be available nearer the time.

We very much look forward to hearing from you. We hope this will be a great chance to show off the history and the current beauty of our village. Please support our Exhibition

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