2002 Golden Jubilee Souvenir Back Cover
2002 Golden Jubilee Souvenir back cover

Welcome to the Great Barrow website. The Parish of Barrow lies on a low sandstone ridge towards the western side of the Cheshire plain, some five miles to the east of Chester. It is a thriving area with a strong community spirit, winning  awards for Community Spirit and Best Kept Village.

Barrow is a close knit community and anxious not to lose village traditions while keeping up with the times. We hope you enjoy your visit.

This website is no longer managed by Barrow Parish Council. It has been handed over to the Community of Barrow Parish and will be radically revised and updated early in 2018.

It is proposed to have a steering committee meeting in early January to determine the best way forward. This may involve adapting the present site, or building a new one that retains the existing address.

If you have already expressed an interest you will be contacted early in the New Year, but if anyone would like to be involved please get in touch.

To ensure the entire community can have its say on the website we would love to hear from Barrow residents interested in getting involved, by for example:
• Contributing articles and stories about Barrow and news items.
• Contacting local organisations and businesses.
• Contributing photographs.
• Keeping an events calendar up to date.
• Uploading data.
• Website design.
• Joining the management committee.
• Making suggestions on the type of information that would be of interest.

Prior knowledge of computers or websites is not necessary. An interest in the Barrow community is much more important.

Once the initial level of interest is determined a management committee may be established and a public meeting arranged.

Please register your interest by email to barrowchesterwebsite@gmail.com or phone 01829 740260


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